Saturday, July 28, 2007


After successfully completing my ywam dts and outreach... our adventure continued on. For me, rest and relaxation was much needed after the hustling and bustling around southeast asia for 3 months. Apparently a greek isle was just the location to do this. My friend Fleur and i spend a few days in athens before taking a ferry to Naxos island. Thus, the miracles and crazy stories begin. I arrived in Greece about 10 hours before Fleur so i had some time to prepare and contemplate our next step.... While thinking and praying, i had no assurance of anything but what i felt God had promised me during intercession. One of those things was that on the flight someone would come to know Him, and that another person would offer us a place to stay. Well, on the flight i was able to open my heart completely to a woman and as she spoke to me of her fears and loneliness she began to cry. I was able to speak truth into her life that i pray she holds on to and really seeks further. Secondly, i met a girl named Elisa. She was an incredible help to us... and now a good friend. Not only did she help us get a ride and room at a hostel, but offered her home in milan for us to stay. Wow! God really knows how to bless his children hey? After spending a few days in the athens heat traipsing around gawking at the many many ancient ruins, we helped ourselves to a big helping of greek island life. Now, i could give you the shortened x rated version of our experience, but i don't think that wrinkly, ugly naked people would suit your fancy. I have to say, we were a bit surprised to find our beach so bare. Ha ha! Even though we were a bit bored at times... i did leave the island with a better self- image. My body was obliged at the restful time spent doing... well.. nothing.


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