Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dehli, India. (the real india)

The flight to dehli was pretty nice... but when the door opened my skin began to melt off my body. Guess what? Now i know what hell feels like. Over 120 degree weather could kill a person... or at least it tried. After a "interesting" 6 hour bus ride to Augra, we were dirty, tired, cranky and hungry. What a relief to get to our hostel hosted by the one and only Colonel Lambda. This was a great place and the taj mahal was just magnificent! I could not believe the contradiction between it's brillance and the impoverished ruins that surrounded it. We took abnormal train ride back to Dehli and began our unusual journey to the hotel. This might have been the most fascinating of all our adventures considering that Dehli has the worst traffic situation in the whole world. Seriously, it did not even compare to the crazy moto rides, the weaving traffic, and slightly annoying horns in the other locations. I just thought my life was in danger before. As we were in the middle of traffic one of our vans broke down and we had to frantically move all of the luggage and people into one van.. which logically is not possible. The whole time we were doing it we were laughing and the driver is screaming " come on come on... get in, shut the door!" We didn't even know he knew English! It was the most humorous thing ever to us, as i'm sure it was to the locals. Ha, crazy americans! We actually think they may be where we got the term/game Chinese firedrill... except in India. We also discovered why we say Holy cow. The cows here are so sacred to these people, they just roam the streets, block the road... and eat the trash.


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