Sunday, July 22, 2007


Before the "after travel" portion of Fleur and i's excursion into the wild frontier, we decided to be more spontaneous and live completely by faith instead of relying on our own resources (partly because we didn't have much to rely on at all). Not only was this going to stretch our faith, we thought very ignorantly, but it was also going to stretch our dollars... or shekels or euros or pounds. Ha, well... yes, our faith was stretched... so thin i might add that the threads were holding on for dear life at times. Nonetheless God has not failed to prove his love for us over and over by providing in ways we could never imagine... thus strengthening our trust in him. So... because we are such brave souls we had previously chosen to book nothing ahead of time. Although most people would call us foolish girls, this has actually been the coolest part of the whole trip... i've discovered more about myself during this time of faith than possibly my whole life put together (which is adding up quickly). Along with this theme... i'd have to say that i now have more reservations than ever. I now make my decisions based on a more mature level... i may have... wait, dare i say... become an adult??? no way!!! Is that possible? Lindsey Little?? Did the earth shift a little bit just then? Ok ok, i'll quit giving myself such a hard time... but really, i feel like i actually put some thought and wisdom into my actions and decisions these days. I see how every decision on this trip has directly effected another one... leading us to one place or the other. And i truly feel that if we do put thought and lots of prayer into a decision, it can not be wrong... because what we are doing is seeking God and that is all he wants. I have so much more freedom now in my decision making knowing that i am following his way.. instead of the highway of course. So, in fact, i have heaps to say of reservations... how holding back does in fact prove to be a good thing. We wait on Him... not us, or anyone else for that matter... Him.


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