Sunday, July 22, 2007


What can i say? Jerusalem is everything i thought it'd be and more. If buddhist can take a pilgrimage to northeastern india, or if catholics can journey to the vatican city to see the pope... then why don't we as christians visit the holy city?? Well, like i stated before... Israel is in a definite state of disarray. This does not mean Jerusalem is a frightening place however. Please take this expedition before it is too late and Israel is completely closed off to the rest of the world. I highly highly recommend. Several cool things about Jerusalem... one is the old city. If you have the opportunity to stay inside the walls please do! It is like no other. It is quite interesting to see the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Arabic all living within the confines of four walls. Some people are gladly amazed that these four completely religions can live peacefully here, and some are a little disturbed that most people just don't care anymore about the true history of their country. Most of the historical sites are outside the city walls except for the wailing wall, tower of david and a few other sketchy sites... like the birthplace of mary. The tomb and garden of gethsemene really made the bible come alive though. That's what i loved most about traveling through the areas of israel, greece and italy. This are places the people i've read about all my life walked, talked, performed miracles and spoke of Jesus love. It's wonderful as i journey how i get to do a "modernized" version of the same thing. I feel blessed and honored to be walking in the steps those brave men and women who followed the Lord.. sure, making some mistakes along the way... but nonetheless, portraying love to the men and women of this world of all kinds, shapes and colors.


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