Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Our next stop was Thailand.... Oh, how i love Thailand! Bangkok was were we stayed on and off as we traveled throughout the country. Nice big city... very western. We enjoyed having comfort things like starbucks and pizza! While in Thailand we were able to stay in a village way up north called Musagee Hill Tribe. And... it pretty much looked like how you would imagine- bucket showers, squatty potties, chickens...cows, oh you know random fires that make us fear for our lives ( no big deal really... haha). These people here were amazing!! We got to build a fence around their land, teach kids programs, encourage other believers, etc... but our favorite part was sleeping in the bamboo hut! I'll never forget those who loved us so much including our translator Daychay and our photographer Lou. This was a one of a kind experience for sure, especially the elephant ride the last day!


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