Tuesday, June 12, 2007


On to Bangladesh. This my friends was one of the most spiritually challenging places I've been in. Immediately when i arrived i felt the weight of the place. It was hard for me to think anything positive and the spiritual oppression was unbelievable! I actually even got physically sick and had to visit the doctor twice. After much prayer by my team and a conscious decision to change my attitude even though my body wanted to sleep... i was healed! After that i was able to minister with my team through kids ministry in the slums to open air ministry, church and working with their underground radio ministry. This base just started a few years ago and so far has had a very tough road, it was cool to be able to encourage the staff and bless them as well. Although for some reason... we always feel more blessed when we leave a place than they do! Our way out of bangladesh, i believe, was the most challenging trip we had on outreach. So the 7 hour sweaty bumpy ride in the back of a truck up a mountain and loosing our luggage on the freeway were cake compared to this. First of all, the 4 hour trip turned into about 12 hours on a bumpy sweaty stretch in the middle of nowhere... with a flat tire and almost no food or water. Once we got to the boarder of India we had to pay again to leave the country!! Hahaha. crazy huh? The boarder exchange was a difficult one, especially since our thief of a driver was asking for more money AND chasing us in no man's land between the two countries! We were relieved for a bit after crossing in one piece until we saw the 1 km walk ahead of us... with all our stuff. After praying... "God what is the meaning of all this?" for 1 km... and hearing no answer... we were as ecstatic as possible to get on a normal suv to get to our next destination. You can't imagine how happy we were.


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