Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thailand, part deux

Thailand part deux.. after a long grueling bus ride to korat we arrived after almost loosing our luggage on the freeway when the bottom of the bus unexpectantly opened up. You should have seen Jesse running behind the thai man to rescue the luggage only to have onlookers wonder if this white man was chasing this thai man for a reason. hahahah! Especially when he turning back with a frightening look on his face! While in Korat we were able to do several amazing ministries such as going to a nursing home, an orphanage, some boys detention centers... and spending a few days in jail( ok, we just visited these prisons.. but one was high security, so there.) Overall, Thailand was amazing... and we just felt so blessed from all of the opportunities and all of those who were encouraged and/or came to know the Lord.


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