Tuesday, June 12, 2007

small world

Small world stories- I find that where ever i go i normally bump into someone i know, or someone that knows someone i know... but for that to happen all the way over in india was pretty crazy huh? haha. There are two actually, one was at a coffeeshop in Darjeeling, when a few guys came up to me while i was talking to my sis Beth and we found out he had been to my hometown of Jonesboro at my old University and had met a good friend of mine! Then, the next one blows my mind. I was sitting in pizza hut (yes, pizza hut) in Augra, India with my team... when i look over to find a very familiar face. I ignored the similarity at first, thinking she just looked like someone i knew. But when i finally decided to talk to her i found out it was one of our professors in college and someone that came into my coffeehouse very often!!!! how weird is that?? Seriously now. It was even more humorous, because all day long i kept telling my team i felt like i was going to run into someone i know. hmmmm, it is a very small world after all.


Blogger mw said...

gee, I wish I would have been reading your blog a bit more often... now I know what Lindsey's up to! love the pics.

2:14 AM  

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