Sunday, July 22, 2007

Israel and the media

There is not much on God's green earth that bothers me... but one thing i've discovered while visiting Israel is how distorted our media's portrayal of this country is. Sure there are places that are in shambles, but there is not one country in the world that is perfect and peaceful. I think most of you know that the media tends to focus on the negative... the "explosive" news if you will. What we don't realize is that this very negativity is instilling little deposits of fear in us and time after time that builds up. This fear paralyzes us. There is so much out there to see and do... so much beauty of this world to experience... but we tend to stay home because its safe. Something just as crazy could happen in our comfort zone. I would love to see more people stepping out of that fear of danger that entraps us, and stepping into a world of adventure! Trust me, we were not in danger once... what you see on tv is basically in one small area away from civilization, life elsewhere is normal. Tel Aviv was pretty much like any other beach town. While we were there we used our time wisely and debriefed the past 3 months of mission. Of course, there were occasional visits to the ocean front. Our time at the hostel was chaotic, but interaction with the backpackers proved to be compelling as our conversation always ended up landing on hope of some kind... truth, love. Our God is good. It was always so much fun to entertain strangers and engage in spiritual talk over dinner.


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