Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Let's see... where in the world do i pick up? I regret how long it's been since i've blogged. I'll try my best and catch you all up on what has happened thus far. After leaving New Zealand, we arrived at our first destination in Phnom Phen, Cambodia. After a day or so of living in the "city" we traveled to a smaller town a few hours away. This is where we stayed for about 2 weeks. I've never experienced ministry in this way. We were able to speak the name of Jesus to people who had never heard before! Many came to know Him through our daily journey to the villages. We were also able to teach english to the younger kids and do a lot of hut to hut evangelism. Our relationships with the young missionary pastor and his wife... along with the interpreters grew very deep. Departing was difficult and tears were shed. Cambodia will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. I hope many will be inspired by my stories to visit and help, for they need lots of it! I hope you like gecko's! hahaha. Oh, and remind me to tell you of the time the chickens got loose in the tiny kitchen with about 8 of us trapped against the wall while the dog ferociously attacked the screaming birds! It was a riot!


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