Saturday, July 28, 2007

romance me.

Paris, yes, definately the most romantic city in the world. Paris had me at Bonjour! That was it, I fell head over flip-flops for the city of lights. There is no turning back, i'll never be the same. The city exceeded my expectations that i began creating in my mind since i was a little child. I guess i had always pictured myself there with my husband... i just hope one day i will return. Actually, i know i will. And if you've ever wanted to visit... if it's always been your dream, please go! Do whatever you have to. Save money... sell something... sacrifice, just get there. And when you do sit at the foot of the eiffel for hours and remember that there is still love in the world, that dreams do come true... and that you are living a life full of challenges, beauty, quests, temptations, victories, life and death... but most importantly love. As we sat there with our baguette, cheese, and wine... we just stared up at this beautiful creation. And i must admit, slightly overcome with emotion. I can't explain exactly why, but i'm sure it was a combination of many things. I just feel so blessed to have been able to travel the world and see so many of these things i've wanted to see me whole life. There was nothing superficial or faux about this place like there had been in so many other cities. Paris is the real deal. I felt a bit swept off my feet at times. I couldn't help but think of the love that I will once have. I look forward to knowing who this man is... i'm waiting for him to find me, i'm waiting for him to love me... i'm waiting for him to romance me.


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