Saturday, October 06, 2007

crawling from comfort.

i recently posed the question, "can God speak through fortune cookies?" now i'm wondering if he likes to use insects as well... bare with me.

i'm guessing that most of you reading this would say they have a lot going on right now. And that when people ask how you are, you say "good... busy". I know because that is my reply about 90% of the time... and i'm starting to loathe that answer. As of late, i've been trying to make sense of everything in my life. For some reason i keep hearing God say, "shhhh, be quiet for a moment". You see, I can analyze options all day long, but what is truly going to make the difference in my decision is the whisper of the Lord that can only be heard in silence.

As i sit here in the park soaking in all of this beauty and peace, i'm reminded again of what butterflies symbolize... and the deep allure of their significance. I'd forgotten the lesson God showed me through these gracefull insects almost one year ago- about the time God was preparing me for YWAM. You see, i had been told that butterflies mean "new life". makes sense right? Well, over the course of several days i had seen these winged beauties all over the place... butterflies in my face, on t-shirts, songs about butterflies, butterfly projects at story time, butterfly stickers... ok, you get the picture. I finally realized that, through God's beautiful creation, He was trying to tell me something. Each time I saw a butterfly he was confirming the change of course my life was about to take. He was preparing me for something new, something different- like nothing i'd every experienced before...

If you take just a second and look at the life of a butterfly, you see that it was once a very plain ugly creature with not much purpose in the world but to crawl around (at a very slow pace) and feed off the ground. Doesn't seem like those things have much ambition in life eh? Sad story, but it's not over... because something miraculous takes place. And i'm guessing it takes quite a bit of effort for a creature of this lowly stature to make a step of this grandeur... or should i say, crawl? What's interesting is this caterpillar doesn't really even know what is to come, yet chooses to take this extreme measure regardless. What a unique metaphor of life this becomes as they spin this web-like cacoon and enclose themselves inside, only to emerge as a ravishing new creation. The time spent in this cacoon is very crucial, and if anything outside tries to force itself upon it the butterfly may not have a chance to live a moment. However, if the catipillar has the faith to pursue it's uncertain but very real destiny... then it surfaces with a new sweet strenght. One that came from the inside- out.

This week, as i've been noticing a magnitude of butterflies happen my way, i'm reminded of the new life that's about to come again. A life resulting in beauty and strength... a life with a new perspective. Now this life is not neccessariy effortless, it comes with it's own set of challenges... there is a process involved, and risks that need to be taken. Be that as it may, all we have to do is listen. We become silent and listen to that soft whisper gently guiding us to let go of our comforts and rely on Him. And in some cases, like mine, we must lean heavily into Him.

You'd think crawling around on the ground eating dirt all day is not that exhilarating, but then i'm guessing we'd be surprised to know how many people settle for that life daily in the real world. Why? Because it's what they know and they do it quite well. I know i've been there, have you? I believe that it is for this very reason we become so angry at God, bored with life, complacent.... exhausted. You see, it is not His fault... although God's the first we blame. He's the one that desires for us an exciting life full of joy and passion... but the kicker is we settle. We refuse to let go and look up... because we are "just fine, thank you". Is that dirt starting to taste like dirt yet? Well, it won't until we realize there is more to life than this. Until you see that He's created more of a purpose for you than the everyday crawl. Until you are ready to get uncomfortable. But the trade-off, wow, the trade-off is incomparable.

He could be calling you to something as simple sounding as a new refreshed walk with Him... but this may be the most pivotal decision of your life. Dictionary meaning... of crucial importance to the development or success of something else. It's not about us guys, never is... never was. And ultimately that is what will give you the strength to let go. ... and the strength to fly.

And when we do... those risks we took look smaller, and that dirt begins to taste like dirt, those comforts become less comfortable... and the air becomes sweeter, our passion becomes clearer, and our joy is found in the flight. It is here we find true life, and a new perspective...


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