Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I just love how God reinterates things in my life to get the point across. I often chuckle at His creativity... and sometimes it just frightens me! Ha. It began when God started uprooting things in my life. I left my "great" life in nashville for a life in a foreign place with strangers, accountability, schedules.... school work? Ugh, I thought i was over that already. It would only be natural, I suppose, for me to feel a bit out of sorts. While all of these uncertain feelings are happening and doubt set in... God was making me weed for spiritual significance. First, several people mentioned gardening... in their sermons, conversations... etc. Secondly, My work duty that week was to... guess what? WEED, hahaha. Through that He showed me how easy it is for weeds to sneak up and take over a beautiful garden. And how the weeds in the rock were much easier to pull up than the others. Quickly, I compared this to my life and what I build it upon. Obviously, God would rather us use rock (that's Him). Then, after this revelation (which is actually much deeper than what I've just represented) I had a devo about it. Then, I read my new friend Bill's book on flowers (I especially loved the part where Bill pleaded with his readers to find beauty in this species of flower and give it a chance in their garden. How often does Christ plead on behalf of us who only have true beauty because of Him). Through all of this I finally realized that God was turning the soil in my soul... and take my word for it, it was NOT easy. This was the beginning of the painful yet equally needed process of weeding in preparation for my beautiful gradually progressing garden. With much gratitude, and a new appriciating for weeding... I accept this pruning process at the same time asking for your prayers. God is in the business of turning wreckage into roses. He will forever be the faithful gardner of my soul.


Blogger Karen said...

I really enjoyed this lins!!!! He is weeding and you are growing!!! I know it hurts, it hurts me too! I miss you and you are in my prayers!!! I LOVE your honest voice!!! Love Karen and fam

2:29 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I've had to weed my garden MANY times. They will always come back but with practice you get smarter about it.... and out smart them. And with less weeds taking up your nourishment, you can grow faster and stronger. Love you and Johnny and I pray for you daily. Enjoy the adventure!!!

10:41 AM  

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