Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Father Heart

Today is a very special day. Not only is it the commercialized day of LOVE, but it is my father's birthday. It was a bit ironic but obviously God that we talk about the father heart of God today... and our perception of the heavinly father because of what we know and see of our earthly father. It is very rare in our world that we have a enthusiastic view of what a strong, powerful yet gentle and meek father should look like. Why? Because so many times the father is missing, or worse... present. So many times we have a father who provides all of our needs but he is not there. Or we have an abusive father... mentally, emotionally, physically. Biblically a father should be a perfect balance between the lion and lamb of God... meaning... the protector, the courageous fighter, the might of a lion... and the tenderness, meekness, and sensitivity of a lamb. And if we are one of the lucky few who had a wonderful childhood full of only precious memories... we still don't have a flawless perception of our heavinly father. why? Because He is perfect and no one else is. But my father.... well, in my eyes, my father is close. He is a quiet man... but when he speaks it is strength... his voice exudes love, wisdom and might. I know that my father will never lie to me, he can't.. it's not his nature. I know that above His own life, my father would protect mine. I know that no matter what I do... my father would never disown me from his life, his home. I know that when my father is silent he still thinks of me. That i am on his mind more often than not... that he lifts me up to the God everyday. I know that in his eyes i am a little girl who still crawls up in his lap for security. I know that i can trust him, but i also know that my dad is only human. I thank you God for sending me an earthly father that points to you as the answer for all. How do you see God the father? Just know that no matter how much you have been dissapointed in life or let down by those that should have been there to pick you up... He wants to show you a new love... a perfect love... an unconditional love... and guess what? It's free for us, but it cost him. Please, crawl up in the fathers lap and ask him to show you a true revelation of his love today. He will! Why would He hide his love from you?