Friday, January 13, 2017


Did you know the stronger the root system of the plant, the healthier the plant and it's produce? Most of us go through the day never thinking about our own root system or how to manage it, we just keep moving. It wasn't until I looked death in the face that I began to examine my own roots and my dire need for them. Just like roots are the lifeline of a plant... so are they to us. 
"Being grounded means that you are centered and balanced with who you are on a soul level.  It means you're wholly connected to truest, most authentic self. When you're grounded you made decisions that honor and respect your soul's needs, while respecting and honoring the rights of another." -Amanda Meder 
Finding your TRUTH is usually the first step to feel rooted as you connect to the source and find your unending value and worth from the Creator of your soul. In addition there are GREAT ways to "get grounded" and feel our roots come alive! Here are some: 

1.Meditate (specifically outside) 2.Snuggle up to nature (like a tree) 3.Take a hike (or walk anywhere) 4.Get up close and personal with water (any form, but the sound it makes is also healing) 5.Deep breaths of fresh air 6.Eat more Veggies (roots) 7.Animal cuddles 8.Yoga (or some type of exercise movement) 9.Read a book outdoors 10.Disconnect (turn off the phone) 11.Therapy (Love you! Pamper with massage, hot bath, etc) 12.Create 13.Write 14.Eye contact (deep conversation) 15.Just sit and be in nature 16.Cry 17.Work with your hands 18.Watch the clouds 19.Stand and imagine roots growing out your feet into the core of the earth. 20.Whatever you do be kind to yourself.

(Note: Sometimes I'll go to a park or some place with a view of mountains or water close my eyes and smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the ground.... be in touch with nature, finding stillness.... peace within.)


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