Thursday, May 08, 2008

SVAY PAK- brothel town

After leaving The Rahab House, we took an eerie stroll around the dusty streets of Svay Pak. Quietly, Don (of Agape) informed us of the many families involved in this sex slave trade industry. There are many problems to be dealt with on many levels. We will try and explain a few so you can be more familiar with this industry. First of all, we’ve found that children in this country have little or no value placed on them. This would resolve why so many of them are sold into this slavery at such a young age. Many of the homes we walked past were empty shells housing brothels. Not only do they grow up in sight and sound of brothels, but they are also exposed to porn played at night on local shop televisions run on car batteries.

The narrow dirty streets were so symbolic of the foundation being laid for the rest of their lives. Some research is already showing that many of these innocent young boys are going to grow up to be the perpetrators and pimps. And nearly 100% of the girls in this particular brothel area will undeniably be involved in the sex industry … and at an appallingly young age.

Creepy men with empty stares glared at us through the windows. Sensual women with daunting walks breezed past with wrong intention. Little girls with brave ambition, but helpless eyes flirt with little boys. Little boys with a smirky grin and a hidden agenda push limits with little regret. All of which have seen things your eyes will never know… they have been exposed to a world of guilt, sham and desires that have come as a result of unfortunate circumstances. There are many preventative measures… we are working on some now. Our hope is that this journey we have taken will provide you with real evidence of this hell on earth… and that you might wish to join us in our efforts of saving young girls from despair, and introducing them to a world of hope and freedom… one person at a time.


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